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June 27-July 1, 2024!

The Workshop Workshop is a summer camp for grown-ups! 

Curiosity, creativity, and kindness sit right at its beautiful beating heart. 

How does it work? Everyone's a teacher. Everyone's a student.


Here’s the idea: each person who attends teaches one workshop — on just about anything they want — and takes as many workshops as they like. Come with... a skill to share! an idea to discuss! a big question to ask! your dreams, quirks, and poems! 

Camp is fun and playful and generally pretty darn delightful... but it's also more than that. There's a radical ethos underlying the concept that has the potential to really shift the way we live and learn. Inspired by progressive educational models like Paulo Freire's Critical Pedagogy and bell hooks's Engaged Pedagogy, which challenge the student-teacher hierarchy, recognizing that everyone in the room has wisdom they can bring to the table, this camp pushes that idea further, not just challenging but really dismantling that hierarchy, recognizing and honoring that we ALL have things to offer and we ALL have learning to do.


What would the world look like if our cultural spaces, learning spaces, and work spaces operated from the belief that absolutely everyone has value and wisdom to contribute? What would it look like if those spaces operated from the belief that every one of us has learning to do? What would happen if we lived in a world that recognized and honored each person's humanity? THAT is what we’re actually doing at this camp. 

Where does this beautiful thing happen? Camp is spread over four days (Thursday afternoon through Monday morning) at a magical retreat center in some super beautiful woods outside of Seattle. We get to stay in comfy rooms and are treated to tasty meals.


Wanna come be a part of it??? 

The Workshop Workshop does not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, nationality, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, body type, religion, or political affiliation. Hateful speech or actions will not be tolerated.

The Workshop Workshop was founded in 2017 by Devan Wardrop-Saxton, Karee Wardrop, and Jenna Bean Veatch as a project of The Puget Sound Guitar Workshop. Jenna Bean Veatch and Leigh Robbie Gaymon-Jones are the current coordinators of The Workshop Workshop.

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