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We will do our best to hold all workshop outside.

Outdoor dining options will be available for all meals.

We will be following the Covid Safety Guidelines of the Puget Sound Guitar Workshop, outlined below.

Updated COVID safety guidelines for PSGW 2022-23

We are still in the era of the COVID pandemic. We will continue to follow the Washington State Department of Health safety guidelines. As the science concerning COVID changes, we will refine and adjust our guidelines to reflect the most recent information and updates from the State of Washington and the CDC. We understand that these updated guidelines may affect your decision-making regarding the upcoming camps and retreats.

The Board and coordinators of PSGW and the Workshop Workshop are serious about safety and the well-being of everyone in our community. We also believe that finding a way to make camps and retreats happen, even with these necessary precautions, will boost and bolster the health and well-being of us all.

We do have some guidelines for those who attend camp, participants and coordinators alike. Everyone who comes to camp:

● must be fully vaccinated against COVID according to the CDC definition of two doses of the COVID vaccine, completed at least fourteen days before arriving at camp.

● must have a current booster as recommended by the CDC. This will likely include the bivalent booster, depending on when your last booster was administered. Boosters reduce the risk of infection and prevent severe disease in older and more vulnerable individuals.

● If there is a medical contraindication to receive a booster vaccination, we will consider an exemption request if a note from a licensed medical provider is presented. Our definition of a licensed medical provider includes MDs, DOs, NDs, ARNPs or PAs with a current license to practice medicine.

● must provide proof of vaccinations and boosters (vaccination card or record on phone).

● must test negative for COVID the day that camp starts and provide proof (i.e. photograph) of that negative test. Campers should administer a home test on the day camp starts prior to arriving at camp and email these results to coordinators. We suggest testing prior to travel to avoid traveling if positive.

● must sign a waiver acknowledging the risk of contracting COVID when gathering in large groups and releasing PSGW of liability if COVID is contracted during camp.

● If you test positive, you may not enter camp. Your payment for camp will be refunded in full.

● agrees that if they come down with symptoms at camp, they will need to take another test. If the results are positive they will need to leave the site and we will prorate a refund.

Pilgrim Firs follows the current Washington State guidelines for health and safety in regards to food service, hospitality and COVID protocols. Currently all employees of Pilgrim Firs are required to be vaccinated.

COVID Safety
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