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Q: What can my workshop be on?

A:  Just about anything! Past workshops include: De-escalating Brains (Yours and Other People's); Beyond Jazz Hands: Musical Theatre Appreciation; Mending: Prolong the Life of Things You Love, A Devotional Act to the Material World; How Cool Are Questions; The Breathing Mind; Healing Circle; Bystander Response Strategies for Witnessing Hate Crimes & Bias Incidents; Walking Stick Making; Workshop in a Workshop Workshop Workshop(!); The Acoustics of Space; Blob Art; The Pulse; Portrait Painting; Flora & Fauna: A Design Crash Course; How to Thrive After the Loss of Your Loved One; Target Planning for Results; Energy Fields; Learn to Play Dungeons & Dragons; Ask Janet; Tell the Baby; First Aid for Pets; Writing a Will; Cultural Collectors: Grimm Brothers to Dilbert; Yes I Used to Own A Bookstore; Miniatures; Landscape Architecture; Traditional Folk Jam; Vocation Vacation; Attentive Bodywork; Personal Ritual Making; The Creative Process; Needle Felting; Walking Perspective; Kickball Clinic; Game Creation; The Elegance of Accounting; Into My Miniature Mind; Storytelling from the Sacred Feminine; Quilling; Backyard Chickens; A Somatic Approach to To-Do List, Productivity, and Time Management; Yin Yoga; Demystifying Stage Presence; Embroidery for Beginners; How to Create a Life Book; Papier Mache Mask Making; In a Moment...; Deepening; The Sneaky Deep PlayShop; Body Gratitude; The Reframe Game; The Present Moment Game; Brazilian Zouk Dancing; Vehicles (led by a 4-year-old!); Be Your Own Productivity Coach; Approaching Poetry with William Stafford; Forensic Anthropology; Forest Bathing; Get Lost to Find Something: A Guided Creative Wander; Postcards from Now: An Arts-Centered Perspective Experiment; Archangel Metatron Light Bath Meditation; Aquatic Macroinvertebrates as Indicators of Water Quality; and The Secret Life of Pinecone People. 


Q: What can't my workshop be on?

A:  Anything with too great a potential for causing harm to our beautiful site or our beautiful participants (physically or emotionally).
While we are generally all for exploration and risk-taking, workshops dealing with oppression or trauma need to be led by those with demonstrated expertise. Not sure if this disqualifies your idea? Ask us! We'd love to talk with you about it.

Q: Who can come?

A:  We do not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, nationality, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, body type, religion, or political affiliation. Hateful speech or actions will not be tolerated.


Q: What if I really really want to come but I just can't afford it?

A:  Tuition is set up on a sliding scale to make camp accessible for everyone!

Q: What if I really really want to teach 12 workshops?

A:  Sorry. We want to share our time as equally as possible.


Q: What if I really really don't want to teach a workshop?

A:  That's okay! You don't have to -- and if you get to camp and decide you do want to teach a workshop after all, that's okay too!


Q: What if I've never taught anything before?

A:  That's great! We'll share teaching resources beforehand as well as at camp.


Q:  How long does my workshop need to be?

A:  Workshop slots will be 60 and 90 minutes. You do not need to use all of your allotted time (Only need 20 minutes? No problem!), but you may not use more.

Q: When will workshops take place?

A:  Workshops will happen throughout the day. Most will be between breakfast and dinner with a few early in the morning and late at night.

Q: What if my workshop requires special facilities or equipment?

A:  Let's talk!

Q: Can you tell me more about the site?

A: Our camp takes place at a beautiful 120-acre site near Port Orchard, WA. There are heated cabins, a lodge with a large communal dining room, a big field for camping and stargazing, and even a lake! It's ADA-compliant, though the gravel roads might be difficult to navigate if you have mobility issues. If you have questions or concerns, please ask us.


Q:  Can I room with my friends?

A:  Probably! We'll do our best.

Q: Can I bring my dog?

A: Nope, this is a camp for humans!


Q: Can I sleep in my tent or RV instead of a cabin?

A:  Yeah!

Q: Does sleeping in my tent or RV get me a discount on room & board?

A:  No, sorry.


Q: What about bringing my own food?

A:  Nope, not that, either.  Enjoy having someone else cook for you for four days! For those several items you can't live without, there is limited refrigerator space available. We ask you to not keep food in your cabin, as that can attract critters. 


Q: What if I have special dietary needs?

A:  The kitchen staff does their very best to accommodate allergies and dietary restrictions. You'll be asked about your dietary restrictions closer to camp.

Q: How do I make a donation?

A: Tuition is set up on a sliding scale to make this possible. Anything you pay over $565 counts as a tax deductible donation. Thank you!

Q: What is the Puget Sound Guitar Workshop?

A: Our wonderful parent organization! Check them out here.

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