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The Workshop Workshop

July 26-30, 2020

Registration Form



Street address: ______________________________________________________________________

City, State/Province: _________________________________________________________________   

Zip/Postal Code: ____________________________

Preferred phone: ____________________________    Email: _________________________________

Birthdate (mm/dd/yyyy):______________________

Emergency Contact:__________________________   Phone :________________________


What workshops might you be interested in teaching? _______________________________________



You can absolutely change your mind.  Right now, we just wanna know what you're thinking about!


Do you have any special accommodation needs (e.g. housing, medical, mobility, etc.)? ___________________________________________________________________________________




Participant Tuition

We are committed to making camp accessible. For that reason, we offer scholarships and gratefully accept donations to help make those scholarships possible. 

We have three pricing tier options, ranging from $200-750.



We Want You There!

You pay $200-474.

We are committed to making camp accessible to anyone who wants to be there! If this range is what's possible for you, great! Thanks for being a part of this! 

Questions? Let's talk!



Making Camp Happen! 

You pay $475

Camp costs money to put on! This covers what it actually costs to hold camp – room & board, program & administration costs, etc. Thanks for making camp happen! 

Questions? Let's talk! 



Yay, Supporters! 

You pay $476-$750

Thanks for supporting our scholarship fund! This range covers your actual cost ($400). We are a nonprofit, so any amount you pay above $400 is a tax deductible donation that helps make scholarships possible. 

Questions? Let's talk!

Amount you plan to pay: ____________________


Please send your completed form and a $100 (USD) deposit check made out to Puget Sound Guitar Workshop to:  

The Workshop Workshop

℅ Jenna Bean Veatch

2726 Douglas Ave

Bellingham, WA 98225

We will process your registration when we receive your deposit. $25 is non-refundable. For cancellations before June 26th, $75 will be refunded; for cancellations made between June 27th and July 10th, $50 will be refunded. No refunds will be made after July 10th. You are also welcome to pay the full balance at this time if you would prefer. 


The Workshop Workshop is a project of the Puget Sound Guitar Workshop.

Email us at

More information available at


Up to 20 professional development clock hours for educators are available through Western Washington University. Payment is made separately to WWU. We will have the required paperwork. Are you interested in receiving clock hours? 

Yes!  /  No thanks

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