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How will you attend?
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You're coming to camp! Yay!!!

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June 27 - July 1, 2024!
Thursday afternoon - Monday morning


Please read our Covid Safety guidelines thoroughly before registering! 

Do you plan to camp in your tent or RV (please note that there are no hook-ups available), or would you like a shared room?


We are committed to making camp accessible. For that reason, we offer scholarships and gratefully accept donations to help make those scholarships possible. 

We have three pricing tier options, ranging from $395-$795.

Tier 1



We Want You There!

You pay $395-$594.

We are committed to making camp accessible to anyone who wants to be there!

If this range is what's possible for you, great! Thanks for being a part of this! 

Tier 2



Making Camp Happen! 

You pay $595.

Camp costs money to put on! This covers what it actually costs to hold camp – room & board, program & administration costs, etc. Thanks for making camp happen! 

Tier 3



Yay, Supporters!

You pay $596-$795.

Thanks for supporting our scholarship fund! This range covers your actual cost ($595).

We are a nonprofit, so any amount you pay above $595 is a tax deductible donation that helps make scholarships possible.

Questions? Let's talk!

A $100 deposit is required to register. Once you register, you’ll be sent an email with a payment link. $75 of your deposit will be refundable if you cancel by May 29. $50 will be refunded if you cancel by June 12. Your full balance will be due by June 12.

Click the "Submit" button to submit your form!

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The Workshop Workshop is a project of the Puget Sound Guitar Workshop.

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